Meet Me At The Melbourne

When Eve first met James in Australia she thought she’d found a love that would last a lifetime, but six years later it’s over when the strong tug of home pulls her back to England for good, and James declares he has no intention of coming with her – ever. Crushed and at a crossroads, life is not what Eve expected it would be at 30 years of age. Her nursing career has led to burnout, and her friends seem to have everything together just when she’s found herself single, unemployed, and living with her parents. Until best friend Emily persuades her to throw caution to the wind and pursue the thread of an idea, the wisp of a dream inspired by her time overseas – to launch a Melbourne-style café in the heart of Newcastle-upon-Tyne offering a busy program of activities for locals to participate in…

Return To The Melbourne

Eve and Thom are getting married. Well, that’s what Eve had assumed would follow Thom’s proposal, but when presented with the opportunity of a dream wedding by the stunning Italian Amalfi Coast at a mere fraction of the cost, he makes it obvious he does not share her level of enthusiasm – perhaps because the wedding would be held on the property of a certain roguishly handsome Italian named Paulo, whose intentions towards Eve may have previously proven less than honourable?

A Letter From My Future (Work in Progress)

28-year-old Ivy Davies isn’t living her best life. She’s with the wrong man, working in the wrong career, has a troubled relationship with her mother; and like many of us is spending too much time focusing on the wrong things. Until one Christmas Day she discovers a letter written in her own handwriting claiming to be from her future self that proclaims her untimely death from cancer in five years’ time and lists the things she must do to improve her life in the short time she has left. The only problem is that Ivy doesn’t believe the letter, and aside from writing it off as a potential practical joke she discards its advice when some of its portent doesn’t quite ring true…

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